Rett syndrome a rare incurable disorder essay

The findings, were drawn from in depth interviews with care homes across the South East. This startling statistic presents serious concerns over the future viability of care home provision in the UK as the aging population and demand for care continues to increase. Another common theme emerging from their report was that care homes feel that local authorities and CCGs are allowing people to remain at home, or in a less supported care structure, for longer than they should, based around a lack of funds and resources. Other key findings in the report entitled The challenges for care homes and their residents include:

Rett syndrome a rare incurable disorder essay

Conditions Similar to Autism Rett syndrome is a rare, severe neurological disorder that affects mostly girls. In the past, it was felt to be part of the Autism Spectrum Disorder.

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We now know that it is mostly genetically based. Symptoms The age when symptoms appear varies, but most babies with Rett syndrome seem to grow normally for the first 6 months before any signs of the disorder are obvious.

The most common changes usually show up when babies are between 12 and 18 months, and they can be sudden or progress slowly. Symptoms of Rett syndrome: This stunted growth becomes clearer as the child gets older. Problems with hand movements.

Most children with Rett syndrome lose the use of their hands. They tend to wring or rub their hands together. Between ages 1 to 4, social and language skills start to decline. Children with Rett syndrome stop talking and can have extreme social anxiety. They may stay away from or not be interested in other people, toys, and their surroundings.

Problems with muscles and coordination.

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This can make walking awkward. A child with Rett may have uncoordinated breathing and seizuresincluding very fast breathing hyperventilationforceful exhaling of air or salivaand swallowing air.

Children with Rett syndrome also tend to become tense and irritable as they get older.

Rett syndrome a rare incurable disorder essay

They may cry or scream for long periods of time, or have long fits of laughter. Continued Causes Most children with Rett syndrome have a mutation on the X chromosome. Researchers believe that the single gene may influence many other genes involved in development.

Although Rett syndrome is genetic, children almost never inherit the faulty gene from their parents.

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When boys develop the Rett syndrome mutation, they rarely live past birth. Males have only one X chromosome instead of the two girls haveso the effects of the disease are much more serious, and almost always fatal.

Because Rett syndrome is rare, doctors will first rule out other conditions, including autism spectrum disordercerebral palsymetabolic disordersand prenatal brain disorders.

These tests may also predict how severe it will be. Treatments Although there is no cure for Rett syndrome, there are treatments that can improve symptoms. And children should continue these treatments for their entire life.

The best options available to treat Rett syndrome include: Standard medical care and medication.Rett syndrome - 1 Rett Syndrome: Characteristics, Causes, and Treatment April Scruggs [email protected] Graduate Student – Lynchburg College Although Rett syndrome is considered a disorder on the autism spectrum, it is often misdiagnosed as classical autism during.

Autism is a severe neuropsychiatric disorder characterized by delays or deviation in the development of social and communication skills and the presence of restricted patterns of interests and/or stereotypic motor mannerisms.

From being a relatively rare affliction just 60 years ago, mental illness is now everybody’s concern. Whitaker (a: 6–7) has noted of this change that the rates of debilitating mental illness among US adults has increased sixfold between and The other day, I wrote about an unfortunate young woman named Desiree Jennings, who claimed to have had a rare neurological disorder known as dystonia as a complication of being vaccinated for.

Some of the "cases" I describe are really composites of several patients, including classics in the medical literature, as my purpose has been to illustrate salient aspects of the disorder, such as the neglect syndrome or temporal lobe epilepsy.

Ellis J Abstract Rett syndrome (RTT) is a neurodevelopmental autism spectrum disorder caused by mutations in the methyl-CpG-binding protein 2 (MECP2) gene. Mild deficits in water maze learning in Bdnf(+/-) and Fmr1 KO mice were exaggerated and contextual fear learning significantly impaired in double transgenics.

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