Corporal punishment can hurt the evidence essay

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Corporal punishment can hurt the evidence essay

The following information in regard to the belt tawse was found on a great web site dedicated to 'Corporal Punishment'. This web site can be found at www. The web site is well worth a visit if you want to read up more on this very important issue.

You will all be aware that Mr Mackenzie tried to ban the belting of pupils both at Braehead and at Summerhill, Aberdeen. He failed in both schools through the opposition of some of the staff members at that time.

Thanks to Colin Farrell for permission to reproduce the material below. The tawse may be applied to the palm of the hands or the buttocks. If the latter, it may be applied over clothing.

Unlike the cane, a leather strap can be safely applied to the hand: The tawse is associated with Scotland, just as the cane is with England, and has been employed in domestic, educational and judicial contexts.

Incidentally, in Scotland the tawse is more commonly known as the belt. Later the firm moved to nearby Cowdenbeath.

Corporal punishment can hurt the evidence essay

The famous Lochgelly tawse began with a saddler named Philps who started making tawses for his son and daughter who were both teachers. These proved so effective that other teachers soon wanted to own a Lochgelly and the business quickly expanded. The firm eventually passed in to the hands of the Dick family and remained with them for three generations until they ceased trading in At one time the firm was selling 70 or 80 tawses a week and also had a thriving export trade.

It is known for the coal industry years ago and for the Lochgelly Belt the tawse. In Lochgelly there are two community centres, a golf course, a bowling green, football pitches and Mizone's. Mizone's is a shop with bandits and a pool table.

It was a ruling from the Strasbourg-based human rights organisation which forced the UK Government to end the use of the belt in schools. Now perhaps the nearest schoolchildren are likely to come to the infamous Lochgelly tawse is in Edinburgh's Museum of Scotland, where it is one of hundreds nominated by the public as rekindling memories, of childhood in the twentieth century.

Traditionalists may mourn the belt's passing, but its disappearance is a measure of the power that the Council of Europewhich celebrates its fiftieth birthday in London today, can wield.

Situated on the railway line linking Dunfermline with Dundee, Lochgelly was once a small agricultural market centre. It prospered as a mining town between the granting of mineral rights to the Lochgelly Iron and Coal Company in the s and the closure of local pits in the s.

Lochgelly is the highest town in Fife and was designated a burgh in Lochgelly has a modern community high school built ina community centrean hole golf course and an industrial estate Cartmore with industries that include engineering, sawmilling, the manufacture of animal feed and rubber goods, and the supply of building materials.

Corporal punishment can hurt the evidence essay

First, let us focus on Scotland. As far as state schools are concerned, the tawse was pretty well universal in Scotland. It was the only instrument permitted under the Code of Practice agreed between the Scottish teachers' unions and the Scottish Education Department.

Bizarrely, the Code also specified that it be applied only on the hands; and there is no doubt that, in modern times, this was how the tawse was generally inflicted in Scottish schools. At Ayr Grammar School the boys suffered the even greater indignity of being 'horsed', that is hoisted on the shoulders of two of their classmates, so that their bottoms presented an even better target for the tawse.

These were large stones just outside the school door to which pupils who had been chastised could rush at play times to sit and take at least part of the stinging sensation out of their wounds. Indeed it is claimed that one irate kirk session complained bitterly to the dominie that his scholars were using one of the large tomb stones in the adjacent grave yard for this unseemly practice.

He was "accused of spanking teenage boys on the bare bottom with his belt. The incidents are said to have taken place in his study with the door locked and curtains drawn. Mr Johnstone had previously been a teacher in Edinburgh, where I have been told that men who were his pupils in the mid's claim they too received the belt on their backsides.

Apparently at the time nobody complained! A couple of years earlier, teacher James McQuade agreed at Dumfries Sheriff Court that he had put pupils across his knee and spanked them in front of the class at Lincluden Primary School, Dumfries.

An year-old boy, who admitted that he was "a menace in the classroom", said Mr McQuade had punished him "by pulling his trousers and underpants down, putting him over his knee, and striking him on the buttocks". Mr Thain told Dunoon Sheriff Court how he went to the parents' house and took the boy to his own home, the school being shut that day.

There followed what the boy called 'hypnosis' and the headmaster called 'relaxation therapy'. It was meant as a symbolic punishment. There is certainly evidence of them if we go a little further back in time. Public floggings in the school hall in front of the assembled school were for 'serious offences', for example, stealing a pair of plimsolls.

The boys were brutally beaten on the bare backside by the headmaster whilst two male teachers held the struggling victim across a school desk.THE SPIKE.

It was late-afternoon. Forty-nine of us, forty-eight men and one woman, lay on the green waiting for the spike to open. We were too tired to talk much. This sample child abuse research paper is published for educational and informational purposes only.

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