An analysis of the hunger issue in the tropical climates

South America has a solid agricultural background, and there could still potentially be room to grow. It is one of the world leaders in agricultural production, and is in position to continue this trend for generations to come. Other South American countries have begun to follow the example Brazil has set in being the agricultural leader while the continent as a whole has profited from the benefits of exporting valuable food and other resources. South America is a hotbed for agriculture for two main reasons; the rich untapped natural resources, and the various climates the continent possesses.

An analysis of the hunger issue in the tropical climates

This makes Malaysia prone to the landslide events as rainfall is one of the main triggering factors that can cause landslide. Landslides in Malaysia are mainly attributed to frequent and prolonged rainfalls, in many cases associated with monsoon rainfalls.

Of these, Ulu Klang area has received the most exposure. The area has constantly hit by fatal landslides since December This paper is aimed to investigate the correlation between the effective working rainfall and soil water index SWI methods with the landslide events in Ulu Klang, Malaysia.

An analysis of the hunger issue in the tropical climates

In this study 15 landslide events that occurred in Ulu Klang areas between years to were investigated and analyzed using rainfall threshold based on effective working rainfall and soil water index SWI methods. The analysis results showed that these methods are significant tools that can be used to identify the rainfall critical threshold of landslide event.

Keywords Working rainfall, soil water index, landslide Full Text: Landslide in Southeast Asia. Proceedings of 4th Intl. Slope failures in tropical residual soil. L and Gofar, N. Geotech and Geological Eng.

An analysis of the hunger issue in the tropical climates

The influence of the north Atlantic oscillation on rainfall triggering of landslides near Lisbon. Slope Failures in Hong Kong. A numerical investigation of the stability of unsaturated soil slopes subjected to transient seepage.

Controlling parameters for rainfall —induced landslides. Real-time landslide warning during heavy rainfall. Climatic factors influencing occurrence of debris flows. Debris-flow Hazards and Related Phenomena. Analyzing the relationship between typhoon-triggered landslides and critical rainfall conditions.

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Automatic callibration of tank model. Hydrological Sciences-Bulletin-des Sciences Hydrologiques. Rainfall patterns for shallow landsliding in perialpine Slovenia. Landslide hazard and cascading effects following the extreme rainfall event on Madeira Island February Nat Hazards 65 1:Climate. Rwanda is located in a tropical temperate climate due to its high altitude.

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Agricultural biotechnology, a dynamic new science that uses genetic engineering to enhance the output and value of many agricultural products, may hold the key to helping stop world hunger.

More careful analysis identifies major linkages between the environmental impact of illicit drug cultivation, the rapid expansion of illicit cultivation into tropical forest areas, the efforts to eradicate illicit crops and pollution through the processing of raw materials into drugs of abuse.

Dryland farming: Ancient methods and lowest-cost tools